Anton Shafer, Owner, Financial Operation Manager, Real Estate Broker

As a 5th generation Colorado native, Anton graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1970 and from the University of Colorado Graduate School of Banking in 1981, which lead him to spend 43 in the banking industry working his way up from teller to company president. Always known for his superior customer service, he earned the respect of prominent clients throughout Colorado. He always had a deep rooted passion for construction, however, that began when he worked for his father as a youth building patios in the summer. Having acquired a love for creating inviting and livable outside spaces, he was inspired to carry on the family tradition by starting Fait Homes’ sister company, The Deck Company, in 1992. With his vast knowledge and years of experience, Anton is able to oversee all the financial aspects of the company. Always on the lookout for a new adventure, Anton obtained his real estate broker license in 2012 and now participates in making smart Fait Homes’ real estate investment decisions.

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